About MP Aviation

I started MP Aviation with the idea of making as many people as I can, aware that aerobatics and spin recovery can be an invaluable tool to add to your list of skills, and have fun doing it. As well, I wanted to introduce non pilots to the world of aerobatics, because I believe aerobatics is the ultimate adrenaline rush. There are very few Extra 300 aircraft available for the public to fly in, and experience aerobatics. There are even fewer in Northern California. My goal is to share this wonderful airplane with as many people as I can, and have fun in the process!

Who I am

I am a husband, father, sommelier, airline pilot, and certified flight instructor - and my favorite planes to fly are ones that go fast and upside down.I love teaching my flying students the science behind aerobatic maneuvers, and about how practicing acrobatics can actually make it safer to fly small aircraft. I enjoy giving Aerobatic Flight Experiences to first time flight students and watching their love for aviation come alive. I believe flying should be safe, rewarding, and kick ass! So book a flight and let’s do this!

I am a full time commercial airline pilot, and have over 6,000 hours of flight time, in over 30 different aircraft. From private jets, commercial airliners, warbirds, tailwheel, aerobatic and much more. I love flying and teaching, and look forward to meeting you, and going flying. My personal philosophy is that learning to fly a tailwheel is important for anyone looking to have a well rounded knowledge of flying. Tailwheel experience opens up a pilot to a world of amazing planes, and I wouldn’t want anyone who loves planes to miss the chance to fly one. I also believe that the “first flight” is the one that ignites a passion, begins a career, or starts a love for aviation. For that reason I believe a Flight Experience is an incredible opportunity and thoughtful gift for anyone who is interested in airplanes...it just takes one flight to get hooked!

-Mark Pollard